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Q: My Hair gets really greasy, what can I do to stop it?

A: Sadly there is nothing you can do to stop it as it comes from within, but you can control it by using the correct products. We have a beautiful  shampoo that can help you with this. The shampoo can slow the flow of sebum (grease) down the hair shaft and help give more volume which is great as most people with greasy hair say their hair goes flat very easily and it also leaves the hair feeling really fresh.

Can I recommend when shampooing and conditioning your hair shampoo with the flats of your hands too much massaging with your finger tips will stimulate the sebaceous glands which will produce more sebum.

Still continue to condition but only the midlengths and ends. You do not want to end up with greasy roots and dry ends!

Q: How do I get more volume in my hair?

A: Always make sure you are using the correct products on your hair, for example shampoo, conditioner and blow-dry lotion. Look for products that have volume on them, these will be more protein based to give your hair strength, your hair should never feel slimy after you have conditioned it, if it does, you have used too much product or have chosen the wrong one!

Q: I have so many split ends, why and how do I get rid of them?

A: This is so common, please do not worry, I can only imagine you have long or longish hair. If you think about how long your ends have been hanging around for,  it could be 2/3/4 years, you hair would have had 2,3,4 summers on it holidays, thousands of blow-dries, ghds, maybe the wind, the cold etc. so the ends would of started to lack moisture and protein, you need to be having regular treatments or going to your salon to receive regular treatments. Treatments will work into the inner part of the hair to replace all you have lost. We recommend the use of Marpaiz Seeweed Treatment

Q: Should I give my hair a rest between extensions?

A; There is no need if they are properly applied and removed, so your own hair remains undamaged. Most people prefer to have their extensions removed and replaced on the same day, so their hair continues looking as good as ever.