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From time to time we give free information on how our customers can have the best hair and what products are good for them.  We also offer discount from time to time on our products and services.  

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Our hands are a very important part of our body and should be kept in good condition.

Manicure Services will improve the appearance of your hands and nails. For centuries both men and women have decorated their hands to make them more interesting and attractive or to show their class or social standing.

Today the reason for looking after your hands is a lot simpler: appearance is important to most people and good looking hands and nails are a sign of good grooming, plus the decorating of hands with jewellery and paint on the nails is very part of today’s fashion.

Your hands say a lot about you — how old you are, your occupation and how you look after yourself. They are also the first part of your body to age as your hands are on show almost all the time. There is a vast array of treatments to give your hands all the tender loving care they deserve.

With over 80 China Glaze nail polishes I am sure you will find a colour to suit you!

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