This are some of  what our customers are saying........

My Hairdresser is Donna at “Excellent Hair and Beauty Salon”. I started my locks 2 and half years ago. I have my hair re-twisted, wash and seaweed treatment done every month. My hair dresser recommend me a protein oil called “Marpaiz Oil”, I have been using it nearly a year now. I put some of the oil on my finger tips and massage into my scalp, and I also put on the hair and the ends. It has a pleasant smell. I do this once or twice per week.

I find the Marpaiz oil very good for my body as well, I put some on my eyebrows. The front of my hair is growing back nicely .

I am extremely happy  with the oil, and I really recommend it.


Thank you guys for a job well done.  I really like the way you did my hear extension.  Thank you.  


I have been using the Marpain products and I can see a lot of improvements in my hair.  My hair don’t itchy me any more and I have seen a lot of different.  I will surely recommend this products to anybody.


I was introduced to your salon by a good friend.  I have been looking for a good salon and I am happy my friend introduced you to me.  Your services is the best and you are very professional .  Thank you for your advice always on how to look after my hair.                          


I have been using Donna as my hair stylist for over 5 years now and I can confidently says that you are the best. Keep up the good work.